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Early Recovery Principle

Covid has enabled organisations to align their business objectives on how it responds to a crisis situation and what corrections or pivot it can endure over the period of the crisis.

We have heard about Disaster Recovery, and Emergency Response before, that are usually triggered when there is an environmental catastrophe. However in a pandemic situation when the entire global population is affected, one needs to look at it differently. This is when an Early Recovery Principle kicks-in.

According to the “Humanitarian Response Initiative”, an Early Recovery approach means focusing on local ownership and strengthening capacities; basing interventions on a thorough understanding of the context to address root causes and vulnerabilities as well as immediate results of crisis; reducing risk, promoting equality and preventing discrimination through adherence to development principles that seek to build on humanitarian programmes and catalyse sustainable development opportunities.

In my book, “Tilt The Iceberg – 9 Modern Leadership Success Strategies Revealed”, I have devoted an entire chapter on “How to brilliantly handle a crisis situation”. I talk about how a crisis evolves and how one can convert one into an opportunity.

I also present the four phases a crisis goes through, viz.,

  1. Shock phase
  2. Reaction phase
  3. Healing and processing phase, and
  4. Reorientation phase.

If we can understand these phase, the leader of an organization will be able to roll out a recovery mechanism and move towards executing it.

Decision makeing and communication also plays a vital role in a crisis. You should:

Rapidly assess the situation

making a few important decisions

communicate the crisis to key people, and

act decisively, effectively managing you own decisions.

You can get a copy of the book in Amazon.

Therefore, can you as a global leader, assess the current situation and as 2021 nears have an appropriate response strategy that will enable your organisation to a great start in the coming New Year.

P.S. Vasanthan Philip is a Business Advisor, Coach and Transformation enabler helping business leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in the IT enabled services and in the manufacturing sectors to see what they don’t see, be their accountability partner and help them deliver outstanding results. He helps them optimize their business processes for operational excellence thereby helping them make very huge profits. He is industry thought-leaders in Agile Transformation. He is on a mission to transform the lives of a million people and their businesses for the betterment of the society. He can be reached at vasanthanphilip@gmail.com. Website: www.vasanthanphilip.com

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