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Agility during Covid Times

If you look around what’s happening today, it might seem like it’s all gloom and doom and there is no sight for a quick recovery. You may have been betting “big” and betting “small”, but this may not yield the result that you hope for. If you are not decisive now, the sun might not shine again. There is a way out though, and it’s having an Agile mindset, and working towards gaining agility in your businesses and operations.

In my book, “Tilt The Iceberg – 9 Modern Leadership Success Strategies Revealed”, (available in Amazon), I talk about the importance of leaders having an Agile Mindset while navigating in the rough waters in today’s VUCA environment. Carol Dweck, the author of “Mindset” talks about the Growth Mindset in the context of achieving success in personal and professional endeavours. Agile mindset, on the other hand, pushes you to think differently so that you are in a position to transform any complex situation into a proactive opportunistic situation focusing on a long term solution and not looking at quick-fixes. I also talk about Agile leaders being good story-tellers. When faced with situations such as we are in today, leaders with an agile mindset can articulate their thoughts and strategies and communicate them in a way that every individual in the organization clearly understands it. The need of the day is strategic agility.

Strength without agility is just mere mass - Fernando Pessoa.

Strategic Agility as defined by Stephen Denning, is the ability to generate innovations that create an entirely new market by turning non-customers into customers.” It is the next frontier of Agile Management. It is the by-product of operational agility that focus on developing products and services faster, better and cheaper. You can achieve strategic agility by generating market-creating innovation and market-creating value propositions.

Apart from having an agile mindset, leaders need to be flexible and respond quickly to the demands of the situation before your competition does. For that, you need to transform the culture of your organization and de-centralize decision making and do away with the old systems of planning and approvals, and you need to be bold and courageous to make these changes happen. This is all about transformational agility. This is another dimension of Business Agility.

I would like to conduct that as leaders you have a duty to not just get things going, it’s more about doing things differently with courage, being creating, innovating and developing an agile mindset that will put you towards the path of stability and growth with markets open up.

P.S. Vasanthan Philip is an author, a Leadership and Business Agility coach who helps business leaders/owners, entrepreneurs and senior executives in enabling change and transformation. He does 1-on-1 coaching, mentoring and works on an advisory role. He can be reached at +91 9003075368 or you can email him at askvp@vasanthanphilip.com

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